I’m a Story Coach & Speaker Trainer

As a Story Coach, I can support you in communicating effectively in all areas and with all forms of communication. 

The general idea is the same whether for an event, video, film, speech, presentation, or a simple email.

Human beings love stories. At the same time, we are in a business world where we must communicate hard facts and information, which should ideally stay in the recipient’s memory.

“Storytelling” can help solve this dilemma. As your Story Coach, I can show you how to communicate your content, facts & information in a way that resonates with your audiences, makes it fun to listen to, and lets them remember all of it for much longer.

I can support you with conceptual work, stage & film direction, planning, dramaturgy, scripts, speech writing, presentations, and other communication forms. I can help you find, write and tell your story for more effective and fun communication.

What is a Speaker Trainer?

When you’re preparing for a speech or a presentation on stage or in front of a camera, your theories meet the complex reality of life.

Insecurity, nervousness, and tension are only a few stumbling blocks preventing you from performing your best. Often, it’s simply not knowing what to do or how to create a fun, effective performance for you and the audience.

With over 20 years of experience on stage and in front of the camera as a professional actor, speaker, and presenter, I can tell you precisely what works and what doesn’t. My techniques as a trainer combine this very hands-down knowledge with insights from neuroscience and psychology.

I will help you with concrete and practical tools and provide a natural way to boost your confidence and performance. You will communicate more effectively and have more fun in the process.

My areas of expertise are stage and camera presence, body language, breathing techniques, voice, and Rhetoric. I offer individual training as well as 1-2 day group workshops.

For more information or inquiries, please get in touch