Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for Apr 29, 2024

**Why do stories with unexpected twists leave such a lasting impression?**

Hey there! Ever been completely floored by a twist in a story? Why do you think that moment sticks with you long after the story ends?

**Here’s the science**: Our brains are wired to predict what comes next based on patterns. When a story takes an unexpected turn, it disrupts our predictions, making the experience more memorable. According to neuroscience, this surprise element activates the brain’s reward centers, releasing dopamine, which helps in encoding these memories more deeply.

**Try this storytelling twist**: Next time you’re sharing information, whether in a business presentation or a casual chat, throw in a twist. It could be a surprising statistic, an unconventional approach to a common problem, or a personal anecdote that bucks the norm.

**Your action step**: Think of a recent project or experience and identify an aspect that was surprising or unconventional. Use this element as your ‘twist’ in your next conversation or presentation, and watch how it captivates your audience.

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