Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for Jun 25, 2024

**Ever feel like your emails are just… ignored?**

Hey! Imagine if every email you sent was not only read but also eagerly awaited. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

**Here’s a golden nugget**: Using *questions* in your storytelling can make your emails more engaging and interactive. Psychology shows that questions activate the brain’s curiosity, making people more likely to pay attention and respond.

**Try this storytelling hack**: Next time you’re writing an email, start with a compelling question that piques curiosity. Instead of the usual “Hope you’re well,” try something like, “Have you ever wondered how a simple change in your routine could double your productivity?” This not only grabs attention but also sets the stage for a more engaging message.

**Your action step**: Think about your next email. Craft an opening question that ties into your main point. Notice how it captures attention and boosts engagement.

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