Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for Mar 15, 2024

Yo, have you ever been so glued to someone talking that you forget to blink? That’s the superpower of storytelling!

So, you’ve got to talk about something like… saving water at work. You could say, “We used 10% less water last month.” Or you could spin a tale: “Our team became the guardians of the ocean, bravely battling the Water Wasters and saving enough water to fill a small pool!” [?]

See the difference? It’s like trading in your old sneakers for a jetpack!

**Here’s a tiny, mighty trick**: Next time you’ve got a fact to share, add a pinch of story. Just take a character, add a challenge, and show us the victory. Like, “Jenny from the cafe invented a new recipe that’s crazy delicious and saved gallons of water. High-five, Jenny!” [?]

Give it a shot! It’s like passing the basketball of attention straight into the hoop of interest. Swish!

Ready to be the storytelling MVP of your team? Just remember, every fact has a story waiting to jump out and do a slam dunk! #StorytellingTips #BusinessCoaching #MakeItStick