Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for Mar 5, 2024

“Ever wondered how a **simple red wagon** can carry a mountain of hope?

Meet **Zach Bonner**, a boy who, at the age of 7, harnessed the power of storytelling to fill his little red wagon with supplies for Hurricane Charley victims. He didn’t stop there; his journey continued with a walk across America to raise awareness for homeless youth. Zach’s story wasn’t just about the miles he traveled; it was a narrative that carried the weight of compassion and sparked a wildfire of giving.

Zach’s Little Red Wagon Foundation is a testament to how a single story, powered by a pure heart, can move mountains and build bridges of empathy.

**Here’s your heartstring to tug on today**: **Your story is your wagon**. Every chat by the water cooler, every email, every moment you’re up in front of others, you’re pulling along your red wagon of experiences. Fill it with stories that matter, that touch hearts, and watch as others help you pull.

Ready to pack your wagon? Let’s roll out stories that aren’t just heard but felt, that don’t just move us, but move us to action. [?] #ZachsJourney #StorytellingWagon #EmpathyInAction”