Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for May 14, 2024

**Why does starting with a conflict make your stories stick?**

Hey! Ever noticed how stories that start in the middle of action instantly grab your attention?

**Here’s why it works**: Starting with a conflict or challenge engages our brain’s problem-solving instincts. We’re wired to pay attention to conflict as a survival mechanism, which is why these stories are so captivating. According to narrative psychology, conflict introduces uncertainty, sparking curiosity and making us eager to find out what happens next.

**Try this storytelling tool**: Next time you’re about to share a story, whether in a presentation, a meeting, or a casual chat, kick it off with a conflict. For example, instead of starting with background details, begin with the moment your team faced a major unexpected challenge.

**Your action step**: Think of a recent challenge you faced or a problem you solved. Frame your story starting from this point of conflict, then share how you navigated through it. Use this approach in your next talk and watch how it changes the dynamics of audience engagement.

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