Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for May 19, 2024

**Ever feel like your presentations are missing that wow factor?**

Hey! Imagine if your presentations could leave your audience spellbound. Sounds amazing, right?

**Here’s the scoop**: Using *questions* in your storytelling can make your message more engaging and interactive. Studies in cognitive psychology show that questions stimulate curiosity and encourage active participation, making your audience more invested in your story.

**Try this storytelling hack**: Next time you’re presenting, start with a compelling question that grabs attention. Throughout your story, sprinkle in questions that lead your audience to think and reflect. For example, instead of stating a fact, ask, “Have you ever wondered why…?” or “What if we could…?”

**Your action step**: Think of a presentation or conversation you have coming up. Identify key moments where you can insert thought-provoking questions. Test it out and see how it transforms your engagement level.

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