Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for May 4, 2024

**How can a single question transform your story’s impact?**

Hey! Have you ever been completely drawn into a story because it started with a compelling question?

**Here’s the kicker**: Questions are not just a way to seek information; they’re powerful tools in storytelling that provoke thought, create engagement, and stimulate curiosity. According to psychology, questions trigger a mental reflex known as ‘instinctive elaboration’. When asked a question, our brain automatically starts searching for the answer, making us more engaged and invested in what comes next.

**Try this storytelling technique**: Next time you’re about to share a story, especially in a professional setting like a presentation or a meeting, start with a thought-provoking question. This could be something directly related to the core message of your story or something that sets up the scenario you’re about to unfold.

**Your action step**: Think of the main point of your next planned communication. Formulate a question that would lead your audience to this point but doesn’t give away the answer right away. Use this question to kick off your presentation or meeting and watch how it changes the level of engagement.

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