Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for May 8, 2024

**Why should your next story start with a ‘why’?**

Hey! Have you ever been hooked by a story simply because it started with a compelling reason behind the action?

**Here’s the insight**: Starting with ‘why’ taps into our natural curiosity and need for understanding. It sets the stage for relevance and engages our brain’s limbic system, which processes emotions and decision-making. According to Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” explaining the ‘why’ increases the odds of your audience tuning in and remembering your message because it connects with them on an emotional level.

**Try this storytelling technique**: In your next conversation, presentation, or even a social media post, lead with the reason behind your message. For instance, instead of saying, “We need to improve our client response time,” try “We need to improve our client response time to enhance customer satisfaction and build loyalty.”

**Your action step**: Think of a key message you need to share this week. Craft a brief intro that explains the ‘why’ before diving into the ‘what’ or ‘how’. Notice how it changes the engagement level of your audience.

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