Your Daily Dose of Storytelling – Sep 1, 2023

Why illogically, do we abandon our chores and ignore the time while lost in a gripping book?

The answer lies hidden in the clandestine chambers of storytelling! The enchanted realm of neuroscience reveals that our brain cavorts in delightful journeys when swathed in captivating stories — even more so than when it has to crunch bare facts. Mind-boggling, eh?

Lend an ear to the story of Zappos, an online retailer. Rather than a staid sale, they ignited a wildfire of ‘delivering happiness’, humanizing shopping and rapidly developing a cult following. And that, my friends, is how you weave the golden thread of storytelling into the fabric of a brand! [?]

Observe, absorb and apply this essence of storytelling into the warp and weft of your presentations, speeches, or usual chit-chat, and presto! You’ve got an engaged audience, comprehensible ideas, and unforgettable interactions.

Keen to step onto the fascinating stage of storytelling and create narratives that enchant and enrapture?

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