Your Daily Dose of Storytelling – Sep 19, 2023

Ever noticed how a child’s face lights up at the opening line, “Once upon a time…”?

Psychology sheds light on this phenomenon. Apparently, our brains are madly in love with stories! They help us make better sense of reality and remember experiences, a whooping 22 times more than facts alone. Quite the brain hack, isn’t it?

The heroes at LEGO take this to heart. Instead of pushing plastic bricks, they share tales of creativity and limitless imagination. Each box isn’t just a toy, it’s a door to countless adventures and endless fun. Now, that’s storytelling done right!

How about using this fun fact in daily life? Bundle your thoughts into an engaging narrative while presenting, pitching, or chatting away with friends. It’s like turning your words into fireworks – enthralling, unforgettable, and spectacular! [?]

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