Your Daily Dose of Storytelling – Sep 2, 2023

Have you ever studied a frog’s adventure to fly? Does it sound a little whacky? Well, stick around… I promise, it’s more thrilling than you think!

Studies show that our brains are not built to retain boring facts. Quite the contrary. Our neurons [?][?]dance to stories, making them twice as unforgettable as dull bullet points.

Enter Pixar. Ever watched the adorable frog, Naveen, in “The Princess and the Frog”? His dream of becoming human and ruling his own kingdom is so bizarre yet so compelling, it’s glued to your memory forever! That’s not just “happily ever after”, but also neuroscience at work!

Now let’s jump to real-world implications. You, yes, YOU, can harness the same power as Pixar . Whether you’re preparing a presentation or speaking informally[?], craft a tale with characters, conflict, and resolution. It’s as simple as beginning, middle, and end.

So next time you have something valuable to share, think of Naveen . Cook up a riveting story and watch your message captivate hearts and minds[?].

Frog prince or not, everyone has a story to tell… Why don’t you share yours with me? Drop me a message and let’s turn ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY together!