Your Daily Dose of Storytelling – Sep 25, 2023

Why do kids plead for one more story but yawn at homework pages?

Time to unwrap a cognitive surprise: Our gray matter craves narratives! They’re inscribed up to 22 times more deeply in our memory than plain bits of info. It’s like your brain is the universe and stories, its favorite stars!

Walt Disney Pictures, for instance, are pros at this game. How so? They don’t just project cartoons, they illustrate empowering journeys, sparking joy and hope. So, we’re not just watching films, but living epic tales, one frame at a time! [?]

How cool would it be to sprinkle this spell in your presentations, pitches, or over a cozy cup of coffee? Transform skeletons of facts into vibrant narratives, and voila… You’ve won ears, hearts, and minds!

Eager to master this enchantment? Ping me! Would be thrilled to empower your words with the charisma of storytelling. Are you ready to become a memory magician?