Your Daily Dose of Storytelling – Sep 27, 2023

Wonder why most shabby ghost stories still send chills down your spine but big data sends you snoozing?

Buckle up for a brainy fact: Our noggins are natural-born storytellers, making narratives stick like a catchy tune, which means stories stand out over 22 times more than standalone info! It’s like our mind’s favorite playlist!

Let’s take Airbnb as an example, they don’t just rent homes; they offer authentic experiences and instil a sense of belonging. So, what are we booking here? A space to stay, or a slice of someone else’s real-life fairy tale? [?]

Think about harnessing this magical draw in your own conversations, presentations or speeches. Let’s exchange the plain-jane monologues for vibrant narratives making every word you say echo in minds and hearts of your listeners. Words then become gateways to an unforgettable journey!

Intrigued about spinning your tales? Ping me and together we’ll convert your communication into engaging storytelling. Ready to make those tales resonate? Your narrative adventure is just a message away!