Your Daily Dose of Storytelling for May 9, 2024

**How can adding a twist make your story unforgettable?**

Hey! Ever been completely blown away by a story because of an unexpected twist?

**Here’s why twists work**: A twist not only surprises but also re-engages the audience’s attention in a powerful way. Neuroscience shows that unexpected events in a narrative can increase dopamine in the brain, which boosts our engagement and memory retention. This is why stories with twists tend to stick with us longer.

**Try this storytelling tool**: Next time you’re crafting a story, whether for a speech, a presentation, or even in casual conversation, think about incorporating a twist. It could be a surprising outcome, a hidden motive, or an ironic conclusion that flips the story on its head.

**Your action step**: Identify a story you frequently tell or plan to share soon. Rework the narrative to include a twist that changes the perspective or outcome in an unexpected way. Test this new version in your next conversation and watch the reactions.

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